GDS Projects

Here are some projects I was assigned while working for Gallery Design Studio, a design agency that helps B2B tech companies articulate what they do and the value they provide. I worked with illustrators, other designers, and a creative director.

Earnix eBooks

This eBook series is designed to help sell the Earnix software by demonstrating through copy and visuals how legacy systems are ineffective for insurance pricing and how Earnix is the ideal solution. The look and feel is bright, open, and slightly playful. The information is carefully broken up and presented visually whenever possible. All photos are color-treated and have a touch of the Earnix orange to help tie them to the design. The logo mark is used ubiquitously in backgrounds as a core branding element.

Oden Technologies Report

This State of Manufacturing report tells a story of problems that manufacturers face in the era of Covid and how Oden's software can help. To help readers digest and skim through the report, the copy is aided by graphs, large numbers, and other visuals. A common brand practice is to split pages up between white and teal areas, which the former containing copy and the latter containing visuals. Photos related to the copy are sprinkled throughout the report to provide breaks from copy and retain interest. All photos are color-treated and many have small touches of Oden's brand colors.

Earnix Brochure

This brochure introduces Earnix's Drive It app, which uses telamatic data to provide tailored UBI (usage-based-insurance) offerings. The brochure first introduces readers to telematic challenges insurers face then introduces the Earnix Drive It app and clearly articulates its benefits. I used large iPhone mockups of the Drive It app on the cover and benefits page to make the app itself the focal point.

Oden Technologies Pitch Deck

This Google Slides master pitch deck is designed to convince manufacturers that Oden's software will both solve their manufacturing problems and quickly increase ROI. It includes graphs, diagrams, enlarged data numbers, tables, check lists, and software mockups.

Earnix Case Study

This case study demonstrates the success an insurance company had thanks to using Earnix's software and highlights the ease of use. The dense copy is accompanied by stylized pull-out quotes, photos, and graphics. The cover photo is a gorgeous long-exposure shot of a highway in a modern city; it represents speed and efficiency.