I'm a digital and graphic designer.

I began designing graphics and websites for fun when I was nine years old and continue enjoying it today. I've worked with a variety of small businesses, from a web design agency to a jewelry manufacturing company.

See My Work

A mockup of a real estate website.
A mockup of a mobile app.
A mockup of a jewelry website.
A mockup of an Amazon storefront.


Music Compositions

I started composing music when I was 13 years old. I taught myself music theory, composition techniques, how to use DAWs and sample libraries, etc. using online resources. I love composing with the traditional orchestral instruments.

A man walking while wearing headphones and listening to music.
Dark Elven Forest

This song depicts an adventure through a dark elven forest.

Ocean Life

A cinematic song depicting the beauty of oceanic life.


A medieval style folk song with hurdy gurdy, nyckelharpa, harp, and flute.


A relaxing abstract song with waves of sound.

A Christmas Adventure

A song about a child having a adventurous christmas day.

Elves of the North

This ambient song depicts the beauty and struggles of an elven kingdom in the northernmost continent of a fantasy world.